How to copy files from host to Docker container?

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In my daily work, I have utility containers. Some are based on ubuntu, others just on busy box. I start them, run few commands and destroy them.

For some specific task I need a long running container and populate it with files that are from the host. And after my work is done, I copy the result from the container back to the host.

The post used command is docker cp

According to the reference: Docker CLI docs for cp, the cp command is the best suited for this task. It is used to copy files.

Get the container’s ID

To know your container’s ID, you need to run this command:

docker ps

This command list all the running containers. Locate yours and note its ID.

Get the full container ID (optionnal)

To get the full container ID, run this command (replace SHORT_CONTAINER_ID-or-CONTAINER_NAME with what is applicable to your container):

docker inspect -f   ''  SHORT_CONTAINER_ID-or-CONTAINER_NAME

For example:

docker ps

Gives this response:


d8e703d7e303   solidleon/ssh:latest      /usr/sbin/sshd -D                      cranky_pare

Then you can run this command to get the full ID:

docker inspect -f   '' cranky_pare

You get this result:


Copy files from the host to the container

One specific file can be copied TO the container like:

docker cp foo.txt container_id:/foo.txt

Copy files from the container to the host (at the end of my tasks)

One specific file can be copied FROM the container like:

docker cp container_id:/foo.txt foo.txt

For emphasis, container_id is a container ID, not an image ID. (Use docker ps to view listing which includes container_ids.)

Multiple files contained by the folder src can be copied into the target folder using:

docker cp src/. container_id:/target
docker cp container_id:/src/. target

Note: In Docker versions prior to 1.8 it was only possible to copy files from a container to the host. Not from the host to a container.

Bonus : Copy files between two containers

To achieve that, you need to take two steps:

  1. Copy the file from the first container to the to the host.
  2. Copy the file from the host to the seconf container.

Here are the commands to run:

Copy from container 1 to host

docker cp container_id1:./bar/foo.txt .

Copy from host to container 2

docker exec -i container_id2 sh -c 'cat > ./bar/foo.txt' < ./foo.txt


That’s all. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Which commands do you often use in your daily work arround docker?

Let me know in the comments.

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