Digital transformation falls apart without access management

The modern customer journey relies on many systems working together, and Iam is essential in making sure it can happen seamlessly and efficiently. The last few years have demonstrated an irreversible trend towards digitalisation across every industry, and this will have massive consequences for the future.

7 AI predictions for 2023 from IT leaders

December is here, so you know what that means: holiday parties, new year’s resolutions, and a slew of technology predictions. This was the hottest topic in Ai today for it leaders and we focus on Ai insight for your team and business. The potential impacts of ai are wide-ranging as are the related forecasts for everything from intelligent intelligence in the sentient, to generative and responsible ai, to collaboration and automation. What will affect it? Leadership in 2023? We talked to industry career experts in the fields of artificial intelligence and Ic.

What is GitOps

The short explanation of GitOps is infrastructure is code done right with all the best practices. Now let's see a bit longer explanation. So it all starts with Infrastructure as Code. As you know, the infrastructure's code concept is when you define your infrastructure as code instead of manually creating it. This makes our infrastructure much easier to reproduce and replicate.

Cannot upgrade to Windows 11, try Linux instead

Conceptually linux is very different from windows pretty much across the board some of these differences are primarily visual while others are much more fundamental if you've heard of linux before you've probably heard that it's open now evangelists will tell you that that means free is in speech and this is true in that anyone can take a look at the source code and modify it as they see fit.


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