Image showing ASC to establish digital supply chain

ASC to establish digital supply chain

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Asc explains that better prediction and decision making translates into greater efficiency and protection against disruptions. As new supply chain solutions are designed and implemented, it also places data security at the forefront.

The first project in the digital supply chain is already underway. On 23 November, a pilot supplier portal was launched with the access being granted to a select group of 10 suppliers. The balance of suppliers will be added in a scaled 2023 rollout, along with additional portal functionality.

The supplier portal is a multi-functional platform that will assist with contract creation, management, supplier management, and invoice management. Managing Director Stuart Whiley said establishing a digital supply chain would benefit both Ascs outcomes and the Australian businesses it works with.

Fully digitising our supply chain is a strategic focus for Asc in our current digital transformation program as we complete the transition to a digital shipyard Assam. A robust digital supply chain includes many advantages such as real time reporting, advanced parts and logistics, tracking, and real time monitoring of supplier performance.

It will ensure that Asc remains at the forefront of best practice in the supply chain, delivering efficiency that will benefit our crucial business of sustaining the Collins class submarines and delivering the fleets life of type extension.

Developing the supplier portal will improve our supply chain partners information flow and more responsiveness. Improving our relationships with these businesses.

The pilot will allow us to test the systems in order to ensure a seamless roll-out Next year.

Its an exciting time for our business and we look forward to working with our current partners and inviting new partners to join us on the journey with us.

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