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Installing kubernetes with minikube

Installing kubernetes with minikube

As a software developer, I often work with Kubernetes for managing and deploying my applications. However, setting up a Kubernetes cluster can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have access to a dedicated infrastructure or cloud platform. That’s why I started exploring Minikube, a tool that allows you to run a local Kubernetes cluster on your laptop or desktop machine. In this guide, I will share the steps that I follow to install Kubernetes and Minikube on a Linux machine. By the end of this guide, you should have a working Kubernetes cluster that you can use for testing and development purposes. Whether you’re new to Kubernetes or an experienced user, I hope you will find this guide helpful in setting up a local Kubernetes environment with Minikube. So let’s get started!

[SOLVED] code server WebSocket close with status code 1006

[SOLVED] code server WebSocket close with status code 1006

At the end of the installation of the [[2022-12-07-how-to-solve-the-code-server-error-could-not-locate-the-bindings-file code]] [[2022-12-07-how-to-solve-the-code-server-error-could-not-locate-the-bindings-file server]], you are ready to enjoy your new [[2023-08-22-code-server-helm-chart-simplifying-cloud-development development]] [[2023-08-11-how-to-optimize-your-workflow-with-kubernetes-code-server workflow]], and then, you see this message “WebSocket close with status [[2023-08-27-code-server-railway-a-comprehensive-guide-for-developers code]] 1006”. How to solve it? Check out these answers


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